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We are living in a new era where data is constantly being generated in ad clicks, reactions on social media, shares, rides, transactions, streaming content, and so much more…

What we can learn if TikTok actually got banned?

What lesson can we learn from the executive order that Trump signed to ban TikTok and We Chat from the USA market? We don’t know if Microsoft or other American companies will buy TikTok operations in the USA or if TikTok will be out of the U.S. market. This fact teaches us a big lesson […]

Benefits of hiring a Marketing Agency instead of in-house marketers

Don’t waste time and money to build an entire marketing team or hiring a do-it-all marketing person that is not a specialist in any area. By hiring a marketing agency, you can be flexible on your investments and have a big team of specialists, using the latest technology and tools to grow your business. We […]